Of Steam and Magic

The Harrow Crowns

After equipping themselves the adventurers were given a guide by the Baron who seemed less than credible. The Baron attempted to deflect questions about his choice which the adventurers picked up on and accepted. On the ride to the Harrow Crowns the party got to know their guide, Lixia, who is a resistance member.

Together, they found the tomb of Trafalgrin where a Silver Flame vehicle was abandoned. Although no bodies were initially found, there were signs of fighting. They explored the tomb, fighting various machines and avoiding dangerous traps. Balthus caught himself a Whirly Gig for further study and Barakas proved an asset to the team for his vast studies on Trafalgrin and the Eldarin people. Thanks to Barakas’ respectful salute to Trafalgrin’s statue, the guardian of the Blade of the Ashen Crown believed the adventurers were of his lot and not mere grave robbers. He gave them fair battle, facing them in open combat when far worse horrors were at his disposal. The team quickly dispatched Trafalgrin, earning his respect and the Blade of the Ashen Crown.

The team has decided to explore the kruthik tunnels in search of the passengers of Silver Flame vehicle to tie up loose ends.

The Foundry

The net day the adventurers were sent to a refinery where the foreman there pointed them toward the foundry and made plain he fully expected them to not come back. The foundry turned out to be overrun by duergar that were foraging magical weapons. The team dispatched with the grey dwarves and took the head and weapon of Barulg along with a floating disk full of magical lava.

When the adventurers returned to Baron Walcott, he presented them with a letter from Tobias Damani. The letter stated Tobias was rescued by friends and is safe, that they should not pursue him but help the Baron further. The Baron turned out to have a mission he had received from the resistance. The Silver Flame was highly interested in something in the Harrow Crowns and have sent men to go obtain it. The resistance cannot spare men and hoped the Baron would assist in preventing the Silver Flame in reaching their goal.

The Baron

Upon reaching Athandra, the adventurers were given an audience with Baron Walcott. They learned he was aware the Silver Flame were after Tobias Damani but not that it was under his authority. The Baron had understood Tobias was arrested as a traitor to the kingdom for involvement in the resistance years ago.

The daily staff was then dismissed from the room before the Baron related while not involved in the arrest he was surprised by the Silver Flame’s ruse. Practicing banned magic is a common excuse to arrest people and naming the Baron would add authority to the claim. The country folk in the outskirts would accept the treatment and not investigate further…or so it was thought.

The Baron was unable to provide any real help but he values Tobias for the technology the guild leader provides to him. The Baron had planned to petition for Tobias’ release but had other matters to attend as well. Balthus and the Baron negotiated a way to move Tobias to the top of the list by handling the Baron’s foundry problem.

A Job Well Done

After successfully harvesting a working power core the adventurers came to the aid of Milamber, a sorcerer and fellow gear jockey, who was captured by the gnoll gang “Yeenoghu’s Riders.” With the assistance of two other gear jockeys Milamber was freed and related the story of his team being ambushed and killed by the riders. Balthus felt a memory of his past lives stir when he got a good look at the two other adventurers but dismissed it for later introspection. The two went on their way and Milamber joined up with the adventurers to return home.

During the wake for Milamber’s team Tobias Damani was arrested by Clara by order of Baron Walcott on charges of working with forbidden magic. None of the adventurers were pleased with the situation but held back from an outright barroom brawl with the local law enforcement. Milamber and Barakas diffused Mal Damani’s rage allowing Tobias to be taken as he wished. While Mal went to cool off, the rest went to the sheriff where they met Nolember of the Silver Flame who told them Tobias was to be escorted to Athandra the next day.

The adventurers thought up a plan to rescue Tobias but Katrina discovered the Nolember had tricked them and Tobias was already gone. Clara was there to save as much face for her town as she could and gave the adventurers what information she knew. Then they were off to Athandra!

First Day on the Job

Tobias dropped the adventurers off in his armoured vehicle in the Wastes at a location that he thought might prove to be ripe for salvage. He told them he would return to the spot in two days time to pick them up.

May, his daughter, came along with the hired gear jockeys to ensure her father’s interests.

The party came upon the ruins of an estate close to the drop off point. There they found a band of Waste Devils camping in the sand and rubble. They defeated the poorly coordinated inhabitants with little trouble. In fact, Barakas so badly terrified one of their number that he broke his spear, soiled himself and lay on the ground, a pitiful sight. Rather than kill the helpless lizard man, Balthus hit him on the back of the head, rendering him unconscious. The party left him on the ground covered by a blanket made of his dead comrade’s loin cloths, a misguided attempt to comfort the pitiful lizard creature.

Katrina and May found a trap door that led underneath the ruins. Upon walking down the stairs, the adventures found more lizard men and Barakas found the large gaping hole waiting for them in the middle of a ransacked library. After a short fight, the party salvaged what they could among the wreckage.

Then they continued on through the doorway and found more than they bargained for. A large Gila Lord and his Frill-Neck companions were waiting. This tough encounter had all of the gear jockeys blinded and close to death at one point. The fearsome fire breath and quick movements of the lizard men were challenging but eventually they too were taken down.

After some healing and restocking of ammo, the party faced the final room: the vault. The floor was aglow with runes and that could only mean one thing, a working power cell! Unfortunately the party had to overcome the traps that it was powering before they could take hold of the prize. After several hours of study and teamwork, they figured out the safe path through the room. Once at the control panel, Barakas and Balthus worked closely to secure the power cell, and after one shocking incident they were able to open it and claim the prize.


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