Of Steam and Magic

A Job Well Done

After successfully harvesting a working power core the adventurers came to the aid of Milamber, a sorcerer and fellow gear jockey, who was captured by the gnoll gang “Yeenoghu’s Riders.” With the assistance of two other gear jockeys Milamber was freed and related the story of his team being ambushed and killed by the riders. Balthus felt a memory of his past lives stir when he got a good look at the two other adventurers but dismissed it for later introspection. The two went on their way and Milamber joined up with the adventurers to return home.

During the wake for Milamber’s team Tobias Damani was arrested by Clara by order of Baron Walcott on charges of working with forbidden magic. None of the adventurers were pleased with the situation but held back from an outright barroom brawl with the local law enforcement. Milamber and Barakas diffused Mal Damani’s rage allowing Tobias to be taken as he wished. While Mal went to cool off, the rest went to the sheriff where they met Nolember of the Silver Flame who told them Tobias was to be escorted to Athandra the next day.

The adventurers thought up a plan to rescue Tobias but Katrina discovered the Nolember had tricked them and Tobias was already gone. Clara was there to save as much face for her town as she could and gave the adventurers what information she knew. Then they were off to Athandra!



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