Of Steam and Magic

The Baron

Upon reaching Athandra, the adventurers were given an audience with Baron Walcott. They learned he was aware the Silver Flame were after Tobias Damani but not that it was under his authority. The Baron had understood Tobias was arrested as a traitor to the kingdom for involvement in the resistance years ago.

The daily staff was then dismissed from the room before the Baron related while not involved in the arrest he was surprised by the Silver Flame’s ruse. Practicing banned magic is a common excuse to arrest people and naming the Baron would add authority to the claim. The country folk in the outskirts would accept the treatment and not investigate further…or so it was thought.

The Baron was unable to provide any real help but he values Tobias for the technology the guild leader provides to him. The Baron had planned to petition for Tobias’ release but had other matters to attend as well. Balthus and the Baron negotiated a way to move Tobias to the top of the list by handling the Baron’s foundry problem.



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