Of Steam and Magic

The Foundry

The net day the adventurers were sent to a refinery where the foreman there pointed them toward the foundry and made plain he fully expected them to not come back. The foundry turned out to be overrun by duergar that were foraging magical weapons. The team dispatched with the grey dwarves and took the head and weapon of Barulg along with a floating disk full of magical lava.

When the adventurers returned to Baron Walcott, he presented them with a letter from Tobias Damani. The letter stated Tobias was rescued by friends and is safe, that they should not pursue him but help the Baron further. The Baron turned out to have a mission he had received from the resistance. The Silver Flame was highly interested in something in the Harrow Crowns and have sent men to go obtain it. The resistance cannot spare men and hoped the Baron would assist in preventing the Silver Flame in reaching their goal.



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