Of Steam and Magic

The Harrow Crowns

After equipping themselves the adventurers were given a guide by the Baron who seemed less than credible. The Baron attempted to deflect questions about his choice which the adventurers picked up on and accepted. On the ride to the Harrow Crowns the party got to know their guide, Lixia, who is a resistance member.

Together, they found the tomb of Trafalgrin where a Silver Flame vehicle was abandoned. Although no bodies were initially found, there were signs of fighting. They explored the tomb, fighting various machines and avoiding dangerous traps. Balthus caught himself a Whirly Gig for further study and Barakas proved an asset to the team for his vast studies on Trafalgrin and the Eldarin people. Thanks to Barakas’ respectful salute to Trafalgrin’s statue, the guardian of the Blade of the Ashen Crown believed the adventurers were of his lot and not mere grave robbers. He gave them fair battle, facing them in open combat when far worse horrors were at his disposal. The team quickly dispatched Trafalgrin, earning his respect and the Blade of the Ashen Crown.

The team has decided to explore the kruthik tunnels in search of the passengers of Silver Flame vehicle to tie up loose ends.



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