Lixia is a shadar-kai avenger of the Raven Queen from the Shadowfell. She is 5’7" with ash white skin and silvery grey hair that runs down to her shoulders. Her back is covered in tattoos, various designs that lead to a black raven nested in the small of her back with wings spread. She wears black lipstick, her left ear shows more piercings than ear, and she has a tongue stud.


Adventure Log Notes:
Her brother moved to Thrane many years ago and was killed for being part of the resistance against the Silver Flame’s rise to power. There being no detail of her brother’s death she seeks revenge against “The Silver Flame” and joined the remnants of the resistance. She is an able fighter and informant, sometimes posing as a member of the Silver Flame to move among them. She was sent to the Baron Walcott to assist in obtaining the “Key to the Angels” sought by the Silver Flame.


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