May Damani

May is one of Tobias Damani's children. She is curious, loyal and dedicated to her father's business.


Tobias and his wife Naveera took a research trip into the Deep Wastes. They came into contact with an unstable field of powerful magic. Unknowingly pregnant with twins, the tiny lives were irrevocably fused together within Naveera’s womb.

Tobias rushed them back to the village of Tomsten, and Naveera grew ill. The baby was born prematurely as it’s mother clung to life and then Tobias was left to raise his child alone. Tobias learned of his child’s unique gift about a week later when his baby woke up one morning and instead of finding his daughter, he found his son.

The twins switch randomly; stressful situations can bring on a change as well as being in areas with large amounts of magic. The dormant twin waits in a sleeping state, dreaming of the goings on in the waking twin’s life.

May is the curious sort and is easily swayed to adventure. She takes to the life of a gear jockey with abandon. Her father is a very important figure in her life and she would never do anything to jeopardize him.

Adventure Log Notes:
After Tobias was arrested he/she made a distraction for the adventurers so they could attempt a rescue. Although the rescue was unsuccessful May/Mal has remained in Tomsten to manage the guild.

May Damani

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