Tobias Damani

Tobias is the guild master of the gear jockeys in Tomsten village.


Tobias is a tinker and retired gear jockey. A man in his early 50’s with little hair left on the top of his head and too much beard on his chin.

He does minor repairs for the village of Tomsten and is something of an inventor. He buys salvage and recruits young people to go out into the Wastes in search of interesting items. His unique children May and Mal are the lights of his life.

Adventure Log Notes:
He was once part of the resistance that stood against the Church of the Silver Flame’s rise to power in Thrane, or more specifically, the priests’ rise to power. After the resistance was put down, he moved to Tomsten in the outskirts. He established a small guild space for Gear Jockeys and moved on with his life to raise his son-daughter May/Mal.

The Silver Flame eventually found Tobias and arrested him for treason. Before he could meet his fate, friends from the resistance intercepted his transport and brought him into hiding with them.

Tobias Damani

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