With this weapon you can massacre an enemy by trying to saw through him!

weapon (melee)

Weapon: Battleaxe / Great Axe
Prof. Bonus: +2 / +2
Damage: 1d10 / 1d12
Properties: Versatile / High crit
Enhancement: + ___ Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: + ___ d ___
Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. Enemy is grappled (maintain minor, save ends) for 1[W] +1 damage and +1 damage extra for each round grapple is maintained


Always searching for an edge in combat, it is not uncommon to find those who have rigged motors and chain teeth to their weapons to saw through their opponents. Chainsaws are also a favorite attachment to mechanical arms, especially with the Warforaged.

Notes: This item is upgradable by Tinkerers, Blacksmiths, and Artificers. Upgrades can change the enhancement bonuses, critical bonuses, special abilities, and item powers. D.M. approval required.


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