Spike Launcher

The phrase "Ole Reliable" is used loosely.

weapon (ranged)

Weapon: Hand crossbow
Prof. Bonus: +2
Damage: 1d6
Properties: Load free
Enhancement: + ___ Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: + ___ d ___
Power (At-Will): Free Action. Use this power after your attack roll and before your damage roll. Roll a d6 for random out come on your attack:
1-2: Gun jams, attack fails & minor action to fix next turn
3-4: No effect
5-6: Gun fires twice: add 1[W] damage to your attack


Notes: This item is upgradable by Tinkerers, Blacksmiths, and Artificers. Upgrades can change the enhancement bonuses, critical bonuses, special abilities, and item powers. D.M. approval required.

Spike Launcher

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