Waste Devils

Waste Devil” is a term sometimes used to collectively describe the primitive lizard-folk that scratch out a living in the wastelands.

Specifically, it refers to the race of lizard-folk that have an intimidating array of spikes covering the entire upper side of the body. These thorny scales are a defense against larger predators although camouflage and deception may also be used to evade predation. These creatures have an unusual gait, involving freezing and rocking, as they slowly move in search of food.

These creatures have little in the ways of abilities and magic, mostly relying on brute force and whatever weaponry they can find. Their crafting abilities are slight, mostly using other creatures’ items and dwellings when able. The usefulness of abandoned homes leads the waste devils to be nomadic, moving into once occupied spaces and exhausting the food sources before moving on, earning them the name of waste devils as they have become a devilish nuisance.

Waste Devils speak a broken form of Draconic and while not unintelligible it fails to express more complex concepts.

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Waste Devils

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